History | Parsirad Iranian


‘Parsirad’ was founded in 2004 and we are the only company in our field to be trading since then. This of course means that we have extensive experience and more than any other in the market place which is a huge advantage for our customers. Initially it was formed as an exclusive sales representative for ‘Epoke DK Manufacturer’ who are one of the most successful manufacturers of salt and sand spreader machineries in the world. ‘Parsirad’ now also an exclusive representative agent of a Swiss company called ‘Zaugg’ who are one of the most reputable snow removal and blower companies worldwide.
‘Parsirad’ is an extremely professional organization and helps to combat all types of slippery roads and snowy conditions. We have been working since 2004 in the manufacturing, selling and provision of machines and complementary equipment for winter road maintenance. Our products include:

  • Sand Spreader machines
  • Snow removal machines
  • Snow blower machines
  • Salt liquid spreader machines
  • Unimog trucks
  • We have gained 10 years of golden experience selling our products to Iran’s ministry of roads, interiors and different mayoralties. We do not stop at the point of sale. We have a fantastic after-sales support service which gives our customers in I.R Iran great assurance regarding the products they have bought and we are more than happy to provide this support as we understand the importance and value this can bring to a relationship.

    We have recently made an agreement with our Danish supplier ‘Epoke manufacturing’ in order to start a production line of snow removal machinery in Iran, in particular models: SP320 and SP300. We are pleased to announce that from 2015 we are also setting up all of the facilities and equipment required as well as providing internal services for the company.

    We predict that we will be able to provide ‘Epoke manufacturing’s’ European customers up to a staggering 50% off compared to other European companies in this same field and for this reason we are confident that this extremely beneficial price will attract those customers to our new manufacturer.